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Analysis Audio: Omicron Paire

Les meilleures enceintes panneaux isodynamiques "full range", tous produits confondus...: fulgurance des attaques, présence, intelligibilité, douceur et naturel comme en vrai - Image en profondeur holographique. Un grave très défini. Faciles à alimenter. Peinture résistante mat-satin gris métalisé de haute qualité.

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Quelques extraits et commentaires des critiques les plus éminents de la planète: 

ANALYSIS AUDIO loudspeakers are built to extremely high standards and portray music with emotion in a way only Planar-Ribbon loudspeakers can. ANALYSIS AUDIO loudspeakers are visually stunning. Their visual impact is only surpassed by the accuracy of the music reproduction.

ANALYSIS AUDIO loudspeakers excel in tonal balance, detail retrieval, imaging and producing a sound stage of great depth, height, and width that extends well beyond the speakers. The superb tonal balance is maintained from very soft listening levels to very loud levels.
Many "box speaker" manufacturers try to emulate the outstanding virtues of Planar-Ribbon loudspeakers by using multi-driver line source arrays, narrow enclosures, tilting drivers in many different directions, and small bass drivers (less mass = more speed) only to add complexity and cost without ever achieving the coherent sound of Planar-Ribbon speaker.

ANALYSIS AUDIO loudspeaker ribbons are so transparent they disappear leaving only the music. The ultra-light bass panel membrane suspended in front of a very powerful magnet array is the only driver that can match the speed and accuracy of the ribbon driver.


"In a way, I'm at a loss to do justice to the experience of listening to the Omegas. Smooth, neutral, relaxing? Surely! Speed of attack and settling, dynamic precision and accuracy of scale? Uncanny. Unmatched in overall musicality by any box speaker I have heard? afraid so....."

"The Omegas are simply the most satisfying speakers, for every musical genre, that I have ever reviewed.....and I expect to be listening to them for a long time!"

---Wayne Donnelly, Enjoy the Music

...exquisitely fast, detailed and very lifelike bass. The midrange is to die for. It reminds me of Quads except the Omegas are more revealing and detailed - kind of like a Quad with the grilles off. The treble is beautiful - shimmering, nicely detailed without sounding hyped and easy on the ears. Imaging is top-of-the-line.

---- Srajan Ebaen, 6moons

If I have been praising the 'Loud' capability of the speaker, then it is not at the expense of the subtiety and low-level detail. Fast brass tonguing and the bassoon's reeds starting to speak are as easily heard as the rasp of the trumpets.

---- Chris Beeching, Hi Fi News

The epsilon never gave the impression that things were getting too much. But also, the speakers had a tremendous sense of punch on sudden climaxes and transients. The speaker sounded fast, articulate, deep and detailed.

---- Chris Beeching, Hi Fi News

There are few speakers which manage to retain a sonic integrity at truly realistic levels, but the analysis epsilon does it superbly.

---- Chris Beeching, Hi Fi News

The analysis omega was nothing less than a revelation. Extremely well balanced, ....but with a somewhat more potent and more full sounding bass, and an improbable abiliity to go loud without change in sound.

---- Alvin Gold, Hi Fi News

The sheer effortless sweetness of the treble ribbon is possible the omega's best feature, simply because it always sounds open and transparent without a trace of brittleness or strain...Excellent detailing from low bass up to extreme top.

---- Paul Messenger, EAR issue two

The final criteron I'm mentioning is stereo imaging, and I must award first prize to the analysis for many of the same reasons that give it minimal coloration, plus the inherent time-coherence of the planar diaphragms...

---- Paul Messenger, EAR issue two


Grave: Planar Magnetic eff. area 325.5 sq in
Médium/Aigu: Direct Coupled Ribbon eff. area 29.1 sq in
Impédance: 4 Ohms
Bande Passante: 30 - 20,000 Hz
Fréquence de coupure: 650 Hz
Ampli Recommandé: 50 - 250W
Dimensions: 112 cm (H) x 61 cm (L) x 6 cm (P)



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